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Baskets Packed with a Dream for Our Communities

The Clearinghouse, with its selection of gift baskets, dreams of healthier, happier times for all communities.  To that extent it has committed to donate 10% of its net profit from sales of its "Gifts for the Soul" gift baskets created by The Women's Bean Project.  The Women's Bean Project is located in Denver, CO.  Its mission is to change women's lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise.  And though limited in geographic scope, its mission affects everyone's community.  The Clearinghouse is privileged to introduce you to their gift baskets.

The Clearinghouse is committed to provide its customers with good service and great baskets at good prices.  You will recognize we take this commitment seriously when you make your selection.

Succinct and timely communication with customers and suppliers is the hallmark for The Clearinghouse success in providing good service.  Assurance that great baskets are always available only comes about by our constant review of manufacturer's and distributor's gift baskets, business operation and reputation. Screening also includes a search for critical blogs, length of time in business and Better Business Bureau rating.

Each supplier is screened through an interview process that leads to an assessment of the breath and quality of its gift baskets.  The quality of these products is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You are encouraged to read more about The Clearinghouse policies by clicking on "Shipping/Returns" and "Privacy Policy".  These pages include discussions on Returns, Flower and Fruit Substitutions, Delivery and Shipping Policies as well as our appreciation for your privacy.

Finally, good prices are a certainty for all baskets.  Each supplier is screened for its price of each basket, making sure that it is comparable to other retailers.  Better still: your shipping cost is outrageously simple and low.  UPS Ground Shipping is free for baskets $100 or more, and your flat rate UPS Ground Shipping is only $5 for any basket less than $100.  Perishable items and alcohol require a $10 surcharge, regardless of product price because these baskets are personally delivered.

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